We contribute with our experience in designing and strategic planning, with innovative tools for the development of energy portfolio projects. Our know-how supports the negotiation process as well as the administration and management when creating energy supply contracts. Our desire is to represent all those companies that wish to participate in the energy market, carrying out an analysis of current regulations and evaluating the impact of possible regulatory changes.


We want to aid all those companies that would like to participate in the transmission bidding processes.

We counsel energy or consumer infrastructure projects throughout their development, construction, connection and operation cycle.

We assist the negotiation processes before the different counterparts and in the different stages during the development of a project.

We provide training programs in procedures for technical management and design internal processes so that our clients can harmoniously integrate into the energy market.


We value information therefore we collaborate in the development of our client’s information platforms. Assisting with data management to enhance the business, through the automation and optimization of data flows and processes, from integration and cleaning, to modeling and visualization. Based on Big Data Analytics & AI, we support the Digital Transformation of companies and organizations.